27th North American UW Rugby Tournament

NJ Hammerheads returns to the Gold by winning the first tournament of 2020

Hammerheads hosted the 27th North American Underwater Rugby Tournament, participating with A & B teams in the Open Division and a Ladies team. Twelve teams from the US and Canada played on the Open Division for the Tournament title while only two Ladies team registered and unfortunately only got to play an exhibition game.

Hammerheads A ended on top of their group undefeated, while Hammerheads B secured the 3rd place on their group. The finals ended on a 3 team Round Robin format on which Hammerheads A won both games over NUWR by 2-1 and a Florida California Mix team by 1-0 getting back to the top of the North American UW Rugby Scene after four 2nd places on the previous NA Tournaments.

Hammerheads B ended their participation on 9th Place.

The Hammerheads Ladies lost their exhibition game against the current National Champions, the CT Makos Ladies by 0-3

NJH A100CT Makos A
Semi-FinalNJH A40Boston FW
Final 1NJH A21NUWR A
Final 2NJH A10Florifornia Mix
NJ Hammerheads A Team scores

Group ANJH B30DC Devilrays DEV
NJH B16Boston FW
Final (7-9) 1NJH B08DC Devilrays ADV
Final (7-9) 2NJH B16CT Makos A
NJ Hammerheads B Team scores

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